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CS Termite and Pest Management

Your Pest Problem Is Our Clever Solution, CS customizes each pest program to exceed each
individual customers expectations. CS employs all the latest technologies and techniques.   
Industries Serviced:

CS  is ready for your commercial business. We provide service excellence to the following

  • Food And Beverage
  • Full Service Restaurant
  • Hospitality
  • Government
  • Schools
  • Health Care
  • Property Management
  • Manufacturing,Distribution,and Warehousing
The Clever Solutions Three Step Commercial Protection Program
Our Program is design to provide you, your employees, and your customers a perfected
pest management program regardless of the business you work in.
  • Analysis- Enables us to design  the IPM program that use all available methods to
    manage and prevent pest in your environment,
  • Initial Service Treatment- This treatment has been perfected to bring any
    existing pest infestation to acceptable levels in 60 days or the next service is free.
  • Ongoing Integrated Pest Management- Includes but not limited to scheduled
    services by trained service specialists, with focus on sanitation and non chemical
    management options, proper documentation and support for inspections and
    regulatory officials.

Our program is designed to provide you, your employees, and your customers a
pperfected pest management program regardless of the business you operate.

Call us now for a free consultation and analysis and also be sure to ask about our other
services such as:

  • Flying Management Program

  • Ant Management Program

Commercial Termite Protection Systems

Unless there is obvious signs of infestation a business owner might go for years without
realizing there is a colony of termites attacking the business. Sometimes there are signs
so tiny they are overlooked such as discarded wings, wood that sounds hollow when
tapped, cracked or bubbling paint, or the saw dust like termite droppings.

If I Find Termites Is It Too Late?

If you find termite or signs of them call CS Termite Management it's very important that
we schedule a free analysis of the potential threat and damage that been done.

Once we have completed our in depth  analysis of the infestation the service specialist
will suggest solutions to eliminate the existing problems as well help the business owner
with preventing future infestations.
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